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Shadows of Ancient Ancestors - An Extraordinary Correspondence on What Prevents Peace from two Young People Taught to be Enemies

107 pages • Size: 6" x 9" • Paperback

the most important element of a free society is democratic thinking.

If Ignorance Can Bring About War, Education Can Lead To Peace
We Can Help Build a More Peaceful Future – One Book at a Time

The most important element of a free society is independent, intelligent thinking. Conflict in human relationship is created by thinking that is conditioned to a particular fragmentary point of view due to the particular environment one has grown up in. Our minds are conditioned by origin of birth, education and experiences. The intent of this book is to bring this issue of conditioning, and the tremendous conflict it creates, to the forefront of our awareness.

Conditioned thinking prevents independent, intelligent thinking and action because it fixes antiquated ethnocentric beliefs into dogmatic, rigid patterns of behavior that divide people into opposing tribal ideologies. The foundation of a humane and intelligent society is open‐minded, enlightened free inquiry, that is, the freedom to think without any restrictions or pressure due to fear or coercion of any kind. In this way people can intelligently question the underlying conditioning that creates this fragmentation.

The intent of intelligent inquiry needs to be promoted worldwide if we are to end these destructive divisions and therefore work together peacefully. This book attempts to do just that – to encourage people to freely inquire, to creatively question the conditioned assumptions of society that have for millennia caused such terrible pain and suffering. This book does not promote any system of belief nor does it attempt to persuade the reader to any particular point of view, no matter how noble it may seem to be. Instead it intends to create the basis for a truly civilized society by allowing for intelligent dialogue and enlightened inquiry.

I ask you to help enlighten the minds of people around the world who are oppressed by autocratic political, religious or nationalistic systems of belief that hinder democratic thinking and living. Please read this book and then pass it on to a friend. There is an urgent need, especially in the world today, to question the conditioned thinking that has time and again led us into conflict. Your sharing of this one book has the possibility to help another to be free on this ignorant bondage.