What is Martial Arts for Peace®?

Martial Arts for Peace® is a Conflict Education and Character Development Life Skills Program for young people and adults that teaches how to cope with bullying and gain the social skills for ethical relationships.

Our books and programs are designed to help you train young people to resolve conflict before physical violence occurs, giving them the skills and confidence to stop being bullied.

Our pioneering program benefits your community in 2 ways.

  1. It immediately helps children cope with a growing social problem — bullying.
  2. As these children grow up, it helps them avoid and reduce the teenage violence that is becoming one of America's, and the world's greatest concerns.

Why don't the conventional approaches to resolving conflict work?

Because the conventional approaches do not take into consideration what the primary factors are in creating conflict, that is, in the way humans have been conditioned to think and act.

Our programs and books are different from others in that we are trying to address conflict before it begins. To understand and prevent conflict before it occurs is the goal of MAP.

How does Martial Arts for Peace® address bullying?

If a child is taught only physical self-defense, does he or she have the skills to avoid and resolve conflict before it becomes a physical confrontation?

In other words, do you think that somehow a young person has the sophisticated skills and presence of mind to understand and avoid conflict and the ability to use clever verbal skills as a means of self-protection (what I would call "Martial Art Mental Self-Defense™") to resolve conflict peacefully if they only practice defending themselves physically? Generally this is not the case.

Physical self-defense is just that—and can be employed only when it becomes a physical confrontation. That is not to say that physical skills are not important. On the contrary, they are very important because they give the student the foundation of confidence not to react unnecessarily to a fight or flight situation, to then have the presence of mind to use their first two "lines of defense"—to avoid and resolve conflict by nonphysical means. But physical self-defense is by itself only one small part of a martial art. The first two "lines of defense" need to be learned and practiced equally along with the physical.

Martial Arts for Peace® is a comprehensive program that addresses violence first by educating students to the A.B.C.s of Self Defense™ – Avoid, Bargain, Control.

Thereby giving them the complete tools to cope with conflict through being able to first prevent it and then to resolve it though by nonviolent means, and if all else fails, have the confidence to protect oneself through the humane application of physical self-defense skills.

Martial Arts for Peace®, then helps young people understand the basic factors that create conflict by bullying – individually and socially. The program then includes two sections under Character Development that help young people to gain intelligent social skills and an understanding of the underlying factors that prevent peaceful relationships.

When I speak to children in martial arts schools around the world I tell them to learn what I call the "3P's" which means:

  • Prevent a fight from happening by avoiding it
  • Prepare to use your brain instead of your fists to resolve it
  • Protect yourself by learning how to fight so you don't have to

But this means that as martial arts instructors we take a more comprehensive view of the martial arts as an education in conflict for our students, especially our young students, so they can understand and resolve conflict nonviolently—which is what the martial arts is really all about. This is our ultimate goal and why the martial arts can play a tremendous role in society in addressing the #1 social issue of violence facing our children and us.

Putting aside the tournaments and the sports aspect of the martial arts, which has a place, can we see that these arts were primarily developed to educate and protect ourselves and our children from harm, to find peaceful ways to relate to each other? And can we see that learning these arts in this manner can help us cope not only with the school yard bully but also with the bullying that occurs domestically, socially and internationally?

How can Martial Arts for Peace® help me?

Martial Arts for Peace®, because it is a complete approach to understanding and resolving conflict, helps one to have the skills to survive in an increasingly changing and challenging world.

  MAP Resources (Internationally Acclaimed Award-Winning Books & Curricula)

Martial Arts School Owners

  • Increase School enrollment and retention through incorporating “Mental Martial Arts” programs addressing important issues like bullying, character development, conflict education, prejudice and conditioning.
  • Create greater public exposure – show your community how the martial arts develop good character and resolve conflict peacefully.
  • Create a parent/student school bonding that fosters a long-term study at your school.
  • Introduce your students to unique Character Development – Conflict Education resources that will enhance their understanding of the martial arts that are for peace.

Martial Arts Instructors

  • Teach internationally acclaimed award winning martial arts “mental self-defense” programs that help young people to:
    • Resolve conflict
    • Build character
    • Create Peace
  • Teach your parents “How to Bully Proof Your Child at Home” with Dr. Webster-Doyle’s Martial Arts Guide for Parents book

Martial Arts Students

Young Person

  • Learn how to Defeat the Bully – The Smart Way - using the “12 Ways to Walk Away with Confidence™”
  • Understand how to get real power without fighting or getting hurt!
  • Learn what “Fighting the Invisible Enemy” is!
  • Go on a Martial Arts for Peace journey into what “Empty Self” means!


  • Understanding the Psychosomatic intent of the martial arts can help you:
  • Understand fear
  • Put aside that which prevents peace
  • Understand the conditioned mind that creates conflict – individually and globally
  • Understand what the fundamental intent of all martial arts, that of “empty self,” means in daily life

Law Enforcement

  • Learn “Mental Martial Arts” skills to subdue the potential aggressor without the need for physical restraint
  • A. R. M. yourself with the Martial Arts for Peace® Program:
    • Avoid – conflict by understanding its causes
    • Resolve – conflict by nonviolent verbal alternatives
    • Manage – Conflict by controlling aggression through turning a potentially threatening situation into a more peaceful one

Public and Private School Teachers

  • Supplement your reading curriculum using internationally acclaimed, award winning Martial Arts for Peace books in your classroom that teach young people to:
    • Cope with bullying
    • Build character
    • Create excellent values and manners
    • Learn a discipline that requires patience and effort, that helps to control emotions

School Administrators

  • Create an after school martial arts program that helps young people to successfully cope with bullying
  • Educate your community to a program that teaches conflict education, character development and life skills
  • Introduce your staff to a unique Martial Arts for Peace curriculum that fosters resolving conflict peacefully – one that is not only educational but also fun


  • Learn to help “Bully Proof Your Child at Home” using Dr. Webster-Doyle’s Martial Arts Guide for Parents book developed with over 40 years of experience in the martial arts, education and psychology.
  • Help your children learn clear and disciplined guidelines of behavior in a martial arts school that teaches Dr. Webster-Doyle’s Bully Buster System™ and the Dr. Webster-Doyle’s Character for Kids Program™
  • Work with your child’s school teachers and martial arts instructors in teaching your children “Mental Martial Arts” as well as the physical martial arts


  • Help young people creatively cope with bullying before it becomes a conflict
  • Help young people develop clear and strong guidelines of behavior through a unique approach to martial arts training – Martial Arts for Peace®.

Interested individuals and organizations

Learn the Martial Arts for Peace® Program that teaches young people and adults about the causes of conflict as well as resolving it with verbal skills before it becomes a conflict.

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