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The Atrium Society/Martial Arts for Peace today is an internationally known Peace Education organization whose work is archived in perpetuity at the at the University of Connecticut’s Northeast Children’s Literature Collection, Swarthmore College Peace Collection and the University of Southern Mississippi’s de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection in the USA.

The work is also on permanent display in the International Museum of Peace and Solidarity in Samarkind, Uzbekistan, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Hiroshima Japan, at Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts, Samara Russia and the No Gun Ri International Peace Foundation, South Korea.

  • Selected by the National PTA (Parent Teachers Association)
  • Endorsed by Scouting Magazine - Boy and Girl Scouts of America
  • Endorsed by Sports Illustrated for Kids
  • Approved by the New York City Board of Education
  • Endorsed by the National Education Association (NEA)
  • Endorsed by Mothering Magazine
  • “The books of Dr. Webster-Doyle are the first attempt l have seen to explain to young people and adults the concept of martial arts as a peaceful, nonviolent ‘way of life’ and to give students the tools to accomplish this goal.” - Linda Lee Cadwell, widow of Bruce Lee
  • “We have just completed training our Israeli and Palestinian Karate Instructors in your “Character for Kids” program and are using your book “Fighting the Invisible Enemy” to teach our young brown and black belts about understanding the effects of conditioning. Some of our instructors actually risk their lives to teach this peace enhancing material, as the bullies in our region are real terrorists ... the ones you only read about. There is no doubt that this is tremendous step for such a violent region where hatred, violence and distrust is the norm.” - Sensei Danny Hakim - Founder - Chief Instructor of Budo for Peace, Israel - working Israeli and Palestinian children of war teaching the martial arts.
  • Dr.Lawrence Shapiro of the Center for Applied Psychology described Dr. Webster- Doyle as an “eloquent leader of the movement to combine principles of education, psychology, and the martial arts to teach young people to resolve conflict peacefully.”
  • “Why is Everybody Always Picking on Us? explores the roots of prejudice. I don’t think I’ve seen another book like it. How wonderful if this book could be used in social studies classrooms! I have learned where prejudice begins, how it is created, how it is perpetuated, and how it can be resolved. This book looks at stereotypes, bigotry, discrimination, scapegoating, racism, and more. It is a wonderfully comprehensive manual for young people and adults alike on understanding our conditioning and the root of prejudice.” - American Pride Through Education.
  • 10-time winner of the Benjamin Franklin Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing
  • “Helps young people deal with conflict and violence by describing practical skills for Peace.” Holistic Education Review
  • “We use his books and thoroughly endorse the usefulness of his methods which have high potential in schools.” - Stewart W. Twemlow, M.D. Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis Menninger Clinic and Martial Arts School owner
  • “To say that I am pleased and delighted with the context and content of your literature is a complete and total understatement. The fact is, your writings are so unique and different from the average information on the market, that I find myself reading and rereading it for new and refreshing insights.” - C. Morgan Becker, Head Instructor Ho Ban (Lake House) Tang Soo Do Dojang San Antonio, Florida, USA
  • “Webster-Doyle’s insight is that by recognizing, understanding, and accepting our violent tendencies, we can avoid acting them out. These new books ... are good for teachers and parents of elementary school children who need appropriate language and activities to help children deal with their feelings and the violence-provoking parts of the environment. To this reviewer, they are realistic and practical.” - Young Children (Magazine of the National Association for the Education of Young Children)

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