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Ten Stages of Bullying - From the Playground to the Battlefield

1. Why Do We Bully?

When we can understand the causes of bullying - that is rooted in the way we think- we can prevent it.

2. Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Me?

When a bully finds a victim to torment, there are always reasons. A victim benefits from knowing the answer to this question and to how a bully thinks.

3. Why Am I Always Picking on Myself ?

Each of us has an “inner bully” - an inner voice that nags us, intimidates us. This is where bullying continues after one has been personally picked on by another person.

4. Why Can’t I Do What I Want?

Young people need to learn that for every right there is a corresponding responsibility. Leaning this makes for a balanced frame of mind in one’s relationship to others and the world.

5. Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Us?

When we learn to hate and fear because someone else is different then we are caught in prejudice. Whether it is the color of one’s skin, nationality, age, disability, gender or religion it only creates pain and suffering.

6. Why Are We Always Letting the Bullies Pick On Them?

Bystanders often don’t want to stop a bully situation. Many times they encourage it. But a peacefully skilled bystander can be powerful and resourceful in stopping a bullying incident.

7. Why Are They Always Getting Picked On?

Youth-at-risk are bullied by fellow youth and by adults. Understanding how and why they are picked on - by the youth themselves as well as by parents and teachers - can lead to helping these young people lead more healthy lives.

8. Why Are We Always Picking On Each Other?

Wars break out because one group of people bullies another. It is vitally important to understand how and where this bullying begins in childhood so that young people can begin to end it on the playground before it gets to the battlefield.

9. Are We Hardwired for War?

Is it possible that what is inciting people to be in conflict, mainly collective conflict between groups of people who physically attack each other, a genetically generated misplaced instinct for survival?

10. Are We Born to Bully?

“Most honest combat vets will tel/you, perhaps not eloquently but in their own way, the same thing: essentially that combat is in our human DNA and demands to be exercised .... The question is, can we humans evolve peacefully, or will we succumb to instincts we can’t transcend?”
- Former Marine Corp helicopter pilot in Vietnam

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