Life Skills Component

Personal Skills: How Do I See Myself ?

How Do I Stay Neat and Healthy?

Good grooming and physical needs (Yoga for Kids*)

What Does It Take to Feel Good About Myself ?

Emotional needs

Am I Creative? Am I Smart?

Creative and intellectual needs

What Does It Mean to Be a Friend?

Manners and relational needs

Social Skills: How Do I Relate to People?

Am I Programmed to Act in Certain Ways?

Conditioning makes us creatures of habit

How Good Am I at Resolving Differences?

Disagreements and conflicts

What Part Do I Play in My Family?

Parent-child-family relationships

What Does It Mean to Be a Good Friend?

Companionship skills

Coping Skills: How Do I Relate to the World?

Does Every Privilege Have a Responsibility?

Human rights and responsibilities

Is Everything We’re Told by “Experts” True?

Intelligent media reaction and TV watching

Why Should I Know About Time and Money?

Time and money management

Do We Need Boundaries for Our Behavior?

Understanding the law

* Physical Fitness - Yoga For Kids- 12 Ways to Keep Yourself Healthy

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