MAP S.T.A.R.S. Intent (Martial Arts for Peace Safe Training Awareness Response System)

Character Development - Conflict Education Career Training Program. Specializing in Bully Prevention

What Is the General Intent?

To provide a MAP S.T.A.R.S. Conflict Education Specialist and Behavioral Coach career certification program where participants will develop the ability to teach Conflict Education – Character Development Skills that helps young people to:

  • Learn how to resolve conflict peacefully
  • Develop excellent character-development skills
  • Reduce stress by providing positive outlets
  • Understand the importance of healthy living
  • Train in a safe environment to protect themselves
  • Learn a comprehensive Life Skills Program
  • Recognize the value of community service
  • Improve academic performance


Why is it important to have a character development program for young people?

In our fast pace, high stress competitive world young people need a safe place where they can have the leisure to explore themselves and the world around them.

The intent of conventional education is to teach academic skills to prepare young people vocationally. But young people also need a host of day-to-day life skills other than academics to be able to successfully cope with the challenges of living. In an atmosphere of friendship young people need to be allowed to inquire into the essential questions of what it means to live with intelligence, to create healthy guidelines for their behavior and to be able to understand and resolve conflict peacefully. Such is the intent of the MAP S.T.A.R.S. Program.

How is it different from other bully programs? »