A Message from Dr. Webster-Doyle

The martial arts have a tremendously creative potential for teaching young people to resolve conflict peacefully and create fine moral character. Society is crying out for help in these troubled times, and the martial arts can be an intelligent and effective way to prepare our children to cope with today's challenges.

To meet these urgent personal and social challenges of increased violence and the deterioration of ethical values, we need a different education beyond the teaching of academics, one that can teach our children the skills to resolve conflict and build character. Martial Arts for Peace can be this education for peace and social understanding.

If they are to meet this obligation, martial arts schools of the 21st century will need highly trained Martial Arts for Peace Educators who have the necessary skills and resources to prepare their students to cope with these challenges. New Martial Arts for Peace training programs and innovative Martial Arts for Peace curricula will need to be developed in the evolution of these arts from self-defense and competitive sport to the greater mission of a peaceful and spiritual discipline that can address the social and individual ills of humankind.

Martial Arts for Peace® can teach the virtues of compassion, love, wisdom and respect, and the fine qualities that build a strong and honorable character in young people so that they may contribute to creating a more peaceful and gentler world. The original martial arts of peace that became, over time, the arts of war have paradoxically the transformative potential to again be peaceful and healing arts but only with the right vision and the right means to carry out this vision.

We have to begin educating ourselves to be Martial Artists for Peace® to make our dreams - our visions - a reality. It is those visionaries who put their dreams into practice who will elevate the martial arts to their rightful place in the education of our children and in society as a means to resolve conflict, build character, and create peace.

Martial Arts for Peace founder earns "Distinguished Service Award"

A message from Linda Lee Cadwell

When Bruce Lee began writing articles in the 1960s about his way of martial arts, he was regarded with great skepticism. Thousands of years of martial arts tradition had preceded this young upstart who dared to write.

The classical man is just a bundle of routine, ideas and tradition. When he acts, he is translating every living moment in terms of the old.

Bruce was branded a nonconformist, a rebel, an iconoclast and a heretic. But over the years, as more of his writings were released, it became clear that he was a thinker beyond his time. Now years after his death, many of his ideas, both technical and philosophical, are quoted as the source of modern teaching.

Similarly, Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle dares to break with tradition by telling young people that to live in a peaceful world they must learn to use their intelligence to break the bonds of fear, hate and violence.

The books of Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle are the first attempt I have seen to explain to young people and adults the concept of martial arts as a peaceful, nonviolent "way of life" and to give students the tools to accomplish that goal.

Too often the study of martial arts is thought of solely as the learning of combative techniques for the purpose of physically conquering another human being. With physical skills as a base, the martial artist develops the confidence to use psychological and sociological self-defense skills, which enable him or her to deal with the fears and challenges of everyday life. This is what Dr. Webster-Doyle terms resolving conflict peacefully through nonviolent alternatives.

We don't have to look further than our newspapers and television to know the world is overrun with violence. The attitude that war and cruelty have been going on since time began is the chain that binds us to the Ancient Warrior. The enemy is ritualistic thinking that limits and narrows our vision. As Dr. Webster-Doyle tells us in his writing, rituals can create a framework that imprisons us and blocks awareness of what is really happening. In today's world, the tradition that imprisons us all is sadly a tradition of violence; from the heinous acts of one individual upon another to the global tensions that threaten daily to erupt, human history has conditioned us to accept violence as a means to resolve conflict.

The goal of Dr. Webster-Doyle's programs is to give young people the physical training that engenders confidence not to react in a confrontational manner, while teaching them to understand the roots of conflict within themselves, so that they may become influential in creating peace. Even a small stone dropped into a pond creates ripples that travel far. Each student that reads Dr. Webster-Doyle's books is fertile ground to absorb the seeds of thought that are planted within their pages.

One cannot stress enough how important these lessons are for the development of individuals at peace with themselves, for harmonious relationships, for respect between nations, and tolerance between cultures.

Please study these books with care and prepared to be enlightened.

- Excerpted from the Foreword of BREAKING THE CHAINS OF THE ANCIENT WARRIOR: Tests of Wisdom for Young Martial Artists