The S.O.S.Safe Options Self-Defense System

The S.0.S. Safe Options Self–Defense System is a legally safe, age appropriate, developmentally sound, non-lethal system of mental martial arts self–defense skills that gives young people the confidence to cope successfully with being bullied before it becomes a physical confrontation.

Mental Self Defense –
12 Ways to Protect Yourself From Harm

Make Friends

Treat the bully as a friend instead of an enemy.
All bullies need admiration and respect.
Think about ways you can compliment or help the bully.

Use Humor

You can turn a scary situation into a funny one, but be careful. Have fun with the bully rather than making fun of the bully. You could tell a joke, or tell a funny story.

Use Your Creative Imagination

Pretend you are sick. Pretend you have poison ivy.
Pretend you have some infection the bully will get if he/she fights with you. Tell the bully someone is about to meet you.

Walk Away

Don't get into it. Walk away.
This is a simple and overlooked way to end a fight before it ever begins.

Agree with the Bully

Tell the bully you agree with him or her.
Instead of creating conflict by disagreeing, you create a more peaceful situation. If you feel insulted by a bully, let your anger rise up, watch it, then let it go.

Refuse to Fight

No matter what a bully says or does, refuse to fight.
One way to stop a conflict is to absolutely refuse to fight.
Sit down on the ground, walk away, run away – just don’t fight.

Stand Up to the Bully

If you are feeling confident, stand up to the bully.
This could make the bully angrier, or not.
Tell the bully you’re tired of being bullied and refuse to take it anymore. Stand up to the bully, and quickly walk away.


A good shout or yell (kiai) can shock the bully.
This kind of action can distract the bully for a moment. Distracting the bully gives you time to get away.

Ignore the Threats

This is similar to simply walking away.
You hear threats and you turn and walk away from the bully.
You keep going even if the bully tries to get you angry enough to react.

Use Authority

Call a teacher, a police officer, a parent.
Reach out to anyone who can help stop the bully from hurting you. This is not being a coward; this is stopping violence before it happens.

Reason with the Bulley

If you are a good talker, talk things out with the bully.
If you don’t argue, don’t get angry, the bully may calm down.
If you act friendly, the bully might be convinced to not hurt you.

Take a Martial Arts Stance

This is a last resort: take a martial arts stance.
A strong martial arts stance tells the bully you’re prepared to protect yourself. Hopefully, you don’t have to use this one.

My First Martial Arts Book

Putting My Shoes By the Door, Just So

For Children 4-8, this book explains the basic concepts of the martial arts, as well as showing what it is like to be a part of a class. A wonderful first book on the Martial Arts for young people.


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The Martial Arts Code of Conduct

This latest book in the award-winning Martial Arts for Peace series teaches young people ages 6 to 9 about Respect, one of the most important goals of the Martial Arts Code of Conduct.

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Award ImageRecipient of the Gold National Parenting Award

Dr. Webster-Doyle's Martial Arts Guide for Parents

Helping Your Children Resolve Conflict Peacefully

As a response to young people being victimized by bullies, more and more parents are choosing to enroll their children in martial arts schools. But are these schools really teaching children what they need to understand and resolve conflict peacefully? We want our children to be safe. We want them to be self-confident and capable. We want them to acquire good values, to respect themselves and others, and to act with kindness and integrity in their relationships.

Dr. Webster-Doyle demonstrates convincingly how conventional instruction in martial arts—focused on physical skills only—is not enough to help young people understand and resolve conflict. However, if they are introduced to awhole martial art, one that teaches how to avoid and therefore prevent conflict, young people can learn to deal with threatening situations powerfully and effectively, without resorting to physical violence. Included in the text are mental martial arts skills, a chart of nonviolent alternatives, active family role-plays, and other creative activities that parents and children can work through together. Both parents and their children will discover ways to deal peacefully with violence that are surprisingly simple, satisfying to practice, and immediately useful.

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