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Brave New Child

liberating the children of liberia and the world

One courageous teacher and twenty children of war are changing the world - one Lesson at a time.

“There have been many theories put forward as causes of the Liberian civil war — including unemployment, abuse of human rights, political patronage, illiteracy, lack of development and tribalism, among others. While it is true that all of these factors may have contributed, at the heart of the Liberian conflict — as with all global conflicts —is psychological conditioning, the fundamental cause of human conflict.” - From the book Brave New Child - Liberating the Children of Liberia - and the World

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Why Is Everybody Always Picking on Us?

A Mini Museum on Understanding the Roots of Prejudice

In today's world, there is prejudice that creates bullying everywhere – at home, at school, in offices, among nations. There are ongoing attempts to stop the bullying that prejudice creates yet it still goes on. The question we need to ask is what creates this prejudice? Is the cause outside myself – with the "other" – or does it begin in my brain?"

Once we understand how prejudice begins, where it starts – we can stop acting out of it.

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Are We Born Hardwired for War?

Is combat in our DNA?

Most honest combat vets will tell you, perhaps not eloquently but in their own way, the same thing: essentially that combat is in our human DNA and demands to be exercised... The question is, Can we humans evolve peacefully, or will we succumb to instincts we can’t transcend?”
– Quote from former Marine Corp helicopter pilot in Vietnam

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Peace - What Prevents It?

Understanding the conditioned mind

The future of humanity depends on understanding what creates conflict – what prevents peace.

“Every publication from the pen of this author should make a significant contribution to peace within and without. Highly recommended!"
— New Age Publishers and Retailers Alliance Trade Journal.

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growing up sane

understanding the conditioned mind

A provocative look at human relationships and the social institutions that mold behavior, this book explores the influences these structures exert over the development of the young person. Growing up Sane - Understanding the Conditioned Mind is not only for the parent and teacher concerned with the education of the young person, but it is also for anyone seriously interested in understanding what it means to live a sane and intelligent life.

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brave new child

education for the 21st century

This acclaimed book is concerned with bringing about a fundamental transformation in learning, awakening in young people the intelligence to cope with problems of human relationship. Brave New Child - Education for the 21st Century is a valuable resource for parents, educators, counselors - anyone who works or lives with young people and realizes the need for a new education to help them understand the fundamental factors that create conflict and prevent peace.

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peace - the enemy of freedom

the myth of nonviolence

The intent of this book is to bring about peace through the understanding of what prevents peace. Peace: The Enemy of Freedom - The Myth of Nonviolence does not offer solutions, methods, conclusions or hopes about peace. It does not advocate any political, philosophical or religious reform to solve the problem of war. This book poses fundamental questions on what prevents peace individually and globally.

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religious impulse

a Quest for innocence

Can we bring about an ethical understanding, a mind that is virtuous, innocent, untouched by conventional moralistic thinking? Religious Impulse - The Quest for Innocence is concerned with the development of ethical and responsible behavior. This book questions the traditional religious process of becoming good, and examines how this process paradoxically cultivates irresponsible and immoral behavior through the inculcation of conventional theological beliefs.

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Shadows of Ancient Ancestors

Our main intent in publishing this book of these personal letters is to encourage everyone to look at what prevents peace ~ and therefore, what creates conflict. This is the fundamental concern for the future of humanity. For if we refuse to look at the underlying factors that prevent peace, we will forever be creating conflict.

The foundation of a humane and intelligent society is open-minded, enlightened free inquiry, that is, the freedom to think without any restrictions or pressure due to fear or coercion of any kind.

In this way people can intelligently question the underlying conditioning that creates this fragmentation.

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the complete guide to the bully/victim cycle

Thinking that bullying behavior, especially in war, is inevitable is a part of the conditioned thinking that creates bullying behavior in the first place. “Boys will be boys” is a conditioned type of thinking that has let this happen. When we start to realize that this is only conditioned thinking and start taking this vital concern seriously will we then create real bully programs in our schools that explore bullying from the playground to the battlefield.

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